A courageous leader is what Delta state need to break the jinx of corruption and maladministration


Courage is an indispensable and essential leadership trait which deltans must locate amongst the slew of aspirants jostling for the governance of our pillaged state.
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All the numerous aspirants within the fold of APC positioning themselves and clamouring for the coveted office of governor of Delta state are within the constitutional age bracket prescribed for the office. It is equally true that each of these aspirants has attained adulthood since the experimentation of the democratic process in 1999. Of the lot presenting themselves for the office within the APC platform, none is a recent returnee from diaspora , they all have been witnesses to how the state was mis governed and still being misgoverned under the PDP ruling dynasty. Even then no alibi would have been available to a diaspora returnee since the transformation of the world into a global village by cutting edge information technology which bring to global attention the least political / social activity in the remotest part of the world within a flash. In this regard , the courage test will apply equally to all the aspirants.
There is no doubt that the rot inflicted on our state and our psyche in the past 18 years and running is humongous and thus the challenges incidental thereto are grave and far reaching.

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    In calibrating the courage of these aspirants , we must look into what each of of the aspirants did as a bystander or participant as well as what they didn’t do but could have done to stop the festering of the mess all these years.
    All the aspirants but one are guilty of the offences of standing by , acquiescence and collaboration with the “rulers” who put our dear state in this sorry state and who only recently found their lost voices through the social media platform using minions to badmouth the PDP government because of what they hope to gain personally and not because of principle and conviction.This is not an empty allegation, for now we restraint ourselves by not reeling out the supporting facts.

    When it mattered most for resistance to be generated against the pillagers by way of criticism and critique of their policies these loud messiahs with all the awesome energy they are flaunting were no where to be located. But they savoured all the privileges and exhilarations which went with hobnobbing with our tormentors and despoilers.
    A leader who truly love those he aspires to lead is judged by his actions and responses to what the voiceless detest but cannot resist individually except shepherded. This is the very quality that mark out Chief Great Ovedje from the other aspirants and distinguish him as a true and caring leader.More trouble for PDP as another Rep Decamped to APC

    When Great Ogboru returned to Nigeria from exile he was forced into in the year 2000 as a result of his innate intolerance for suppression and repression, he was shocked to discover that his own dear state was being driven on a trajectory of pillage by the political leaders foisted on the state.As a leader driven by an uncommon passion to right wrongs and give meaningful life to people, he didn’t hesitate in assembling resources and men to create an alternative platform to wrest power from the unconscionable leaders whose insatiable appetite is to fleece the state of every available kobo. Thus in 2003,2007,2011and2015 he ran for the governorship of the state but was robbed of victory by institutional conspiracy and collaboration by electoral umpires, security agents and those unfit for position of trust but who forced themselves into government in disregard of the true wish of the electorate.
    If president Muhammadu Buhari had not been consistent and courageous in engaging himself in the presidential race the number of times he did before the divine intervention that sent PDP packing and rewarding him with victory, but elected to be docile, complacent, acquiescent and collaborative like other presidential hopefuls now touting and flaunting their clout today for the exalted office, the nation might stili have been under the jaws of the PDP looters.There is a parallel between the role played by President Buhari and Chief Great Ogboru in Delta state.
    Now that divine intervention expressing itself through the efforts of President Buhari has ushered into the nation political space some measure of liberation and order which will only blossom to its fullest potentials for the citizenry if the feat is replicated in the constituent states of the federation, compromised silent and active collaborators of pillagers of the state over the years have suddenly woken up as crusaders and messiahs with the sole objective of preventing Deltans from enjoying the benefits of liberation which Deltans have been yearning for. Those who could not oppose the rogue leaders of yesterday cannot be entrusted with the responsibility of piloting our liberation vehicle. The courage that Ogboru marshalled aplenty against suppression and forces of darkness will be readily deployed at this most critical hour to take us across the finishing line of victory. Any person who couldn’t oppose misgovernance at its embryonic state when entrusted with the leadership of the state at this moment with the overarching rot will lack the courage to take the far reaching decisions needed to steady the state on a path of progress.Deitans can no longer be fooled, they need Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru for this task of cleansing our dear state.
    I remain,
    Prince Christopher Akpojotor Agaga.



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