Members of Greater Delta Alliance, a group formed to objectivity x-ray all APC Governorship candidates in 2019 gubernatorial elections with the sole aim of choosing the best candidate that can dwindle votes of The  Peoples Democratic Party’s candidate, had an crucial meeting that lasted for three straight days.

After a thorough and objective study of the true state of affairs of politics in Delta State, we the members of The Greater Delta Alliance, observed the following.

1) That PDP has lost its popularity and Deltans are earnestly waiting for 2019, for them to vote out PDP/Okowa and his cunningly smart agenda from Delta State.

2) Deltans are grieved with the present  poor economic level  of the State with his wealth creation policies which has not met with the demands of the people.

3) The youths are also not satisfied with the level of SMART empowerment programmes especially with the introduction of lottery popularly called “Kalokalo”

4) The avalanches of the  appointment of over  two thousand (2000) Aides with a large number of them not being utilised thereby wasting the state resources on salaries and encouraging redundancy.
After due consideration of our observations, we unanimously resolved to  adopt a candidate with the following qualities:

A) Charismatic
B) Principled
C) Consisted
D)  Grassroot
E)  Courageous

Greater Delta Alliance however carried out a random opinion poll on all the candidates who have indicated  interest in the governorship ticket, and Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru had been chosen  as the most sellable candidate to represent APC in 2019 Gubernatorial election.

The choice of Chief Ogboru is a round peg in a round hole as this could be seen from his antecedents.

His popularity has been tested several times with special reference to the 2011 governorship election which he won but his victory was thwarted by the federal apparatus of the PDP, the then ruling party at the national level.

He will command high percentage of votes of the Ndokwa nation, because  his mother is from there while large numbers of  votes of the Ijaws would also be recorded for him because his wife is from Patani LGA of Delta State.

Chief Great  Ogboru is an Urhobo( Delta Central) with blood ties with Anioma people(Delta North) while his wife is from delta south senatorial district and this makes him a true Deltan.

So, we the members of Greater Delta Alliance are calling on all APC faithful to join hands to unanimously throw our weight behind Chief Great Ogboru as the only APC gubernatorial candidate with the clout and pedigree tough enough to uproot PDP out of Delta State.

We need his courage, charisma, principles, consistency, grassroot  experience to reposition Delta State.

Long live APC
Long live Delta
Long live Nigeria.

Elvis Ayomanor.
Press Committee.

Vincent Iwunor.
Press Committee.

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