Sometime in the year 2017, I was introduced online to the man Barrister Frank Oseya by My Dear Comrade Brother Comrade Adja Harrison.

We were all members of a youth organization formally called Delta Peoples Assembly (DPA) and when it was time for us to Register the Organization with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as a legal entity on the Nigerian Government, The house thought it wise to use a fellow Comrade instead of seeking the legal service of another lawyer.

Little did we know we were working with an I’ll mannered fraudster barrister.

Before I continue, As a member of DPA, All Members were asked to pay a monthly due of N1,000 as part of the income of the organization but Record are there to verify, this so called barrister refused to pay but was owing backlog from month to month and when it was time for him to do his child dedication the house extended financial package to him and his family , thinking he will change some day.

I General Ejiwealth Emareyo been the BOT Chairman of the Organization also personally assisted him Financially ( Amount Withheld) during that period. What an Ungrateful Fellow.

Records has it that, he was removed and kicked out of the group because of his inability to pay his dues and not attending meeting’s

Back to the registration, The organization agreed to pay him N130,000 for the registration but he insisted it must be N180,000. And to avoid further delay, I as the BOT Chairman promised to pay the N50,000 personally so he can go ahead with the registration.

The organization eventually transferred N80,000 to him to balance him after the registration.

Fraudster Barrister Frank OSEYA technically delayed the registration for over Six (6) Months with the reason of not able to get the name approval.

This was already causing issue in the organization, and after about 6 months later, no way out on the registration.

When the organization registration saga was still on going in Delta Peoples Assembly (DPA) after ungrateful wicked barrister frank OSEYA received the N80,000 and after One (1) whole year he was still battling with the registration.

I have to personally avoid trouble and asked the organization (DPA) now called Delta’s Indigene Initiative For Good Leadership (DIIGL) to look for another lawyer for the registration while barrister frank OSEYA will use the N80,000 earlier sent to him to register my Foundation CAC Registration. While I will pay back the new lawyer that will handle the Organization (DIIGL) Registration

The Organization President ( Comr Igho Onobreakeyan ) And The Organization Secretary General ( Comr Martins Akpore) can be asked to confirm this story

I never knew the devil in him was not asleep.

So I decided to give him my foundation details , he demanded for a Payment of N50,000 to begin the Foundation CAC name registration which I transferred him.

After waiting for about Four (4) Months, No tangible result was coming forth and he kept posting me that he is busy here and there.

He later called that he has gotten name approval and he need to do the newspaper publication and he is out of cash. To clear our agreement I transferred N50,000. Making it a total of N180,000 received so far.

From my findings from another lawyer on the status of the registration that Frank OSEYA is doing after his failed I’ll wicked excuses , I discovered the Foundation CAC approved name he did with N500 as even expired and no newspaper or any documents done by him..

At this point is about   and one year Eight Months, I was so angry and asked him for my Money which he promised to back within a month.

I gave him over three months and my money was not forth coming and I called Dr Adja Harrison and General Ekure Marcus my friends and even Comrade Martins Akpore to call him to order and return my money which they did and he didn’t take there advice serious.

After a month, to avoid embarrassment his wife paid the sum of N40,000 from it, to balance N140,000.


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And to his shame, it didn’t take up to two months for both organization to be registered by the other lawyer.

And in this new year 2019, this will make it about 2 Years and instead of Barrister Frank OSEYA to hide his face in shame over this act, he told me he doesn’t return clients money even if he doesn’t do the Job as a lawyer ( Which I assumed he has been doing to other people).

I make it bold here to say that, He will pay that money with Interest and I am ready to take this matter with all Relevant Agencies of the Federal Government of Nigeria an he must surely be persecuted for this fraudulent act!

The wicked shall not go unpunished.


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