8 Benefits of Marrying a VỊrgin, No 6 will shock you

Marrying a Virgin

8 Benefits of Marrying a VỊrgin 

What’s vïrginity?

A VỊrgin is someone who’s never had sèx

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What does it mean to be a vìrgin?

Vïrginity means a state of purity or inexperience. Traditionally a vìrgin is a person that has not had sẹ̄xual intercourse. Vïrginity has different meanings and importance in different religions and cultures.

What’s a hymẹ̄n?

VỊrgin women don’t need to have an unbroken hymen. A hymen is a piece of human tissue that inhibits the entry of the vaginal canal by around two inches. When a man enters his penis or other object(s) into the vagína, the hymen can be torn or broken, resulting in blẹ̄eding. Even though the hymen does not have to be broken to symbolise a woman’s lack of vïrginity, the blood from the hymen is crucial in many cultures as an indication that she is a VỊrgin. The hymẹ́n, like torn human tissue, can be worn away naturally by riding a horse, playing sports, or other recreational activities. It can also heal over time.

A VỊrgin can contract a sẹ̄xually transmitted disease from another source, such as drug usage, blood or plasma transfusions, close skin contact in the genital area with infected people, oral sǝx, and other methods.

8 Benefits of Marrying a Vìrgin

1. No STDs, there is 99.9% that she is free from Sẹ̄xually transmitted diseases, such as  Syphilis and Gonorrhoea

2. Higher chances of faithfulness to her marriage. One that has defeated fornication, can defeat adultery.

3. You are sure your firstborn is yours.

30% of firstborns in Nigeria belong to other men. Paternity fraud is common with non-virgins.

4. Unique spiritual bond.

There is a unique bond when a husband has sex with his bride, especially if the man is also a VỊrgin.

5. A great role model for your kids.

Having lived a life of s*xual purity, she is in the best position to guide your kids in the right way.

6. Brand-new has a special kind of feeling.

The kpenkus na custom made. E get e own unique kind of joy.

7. You don’t want to hear another man launching a single: ‘I hit her first. Whether you like it or not, e get as dat kain knowledge dey do person for body.

8. She won’t compare you with others.

Her only s*xual experience is the only one she is having with her husband. Therefore she is contented. Those who are not vìrgins will compare you with 100 of their ex- lovers .

By Igho Otabomwovo, Omajemite Don.

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