7 Fundamental Reasons #Endsars Protest Persisted & May Continue

#EndSars: Panic As FG Freezes Flutterwaves, Protest Organiser's Accounts

7 Fundamental Reasons #Endsars Protest Persisted 

Here are the  7 Fundamental Reasons The Protest Has Persisted and May continue

1) BEHAVIOR OF POLICE TOWARDS PROTESTERS ... The story has not been different. It has not been so cordial. There is still police brutality in the protest against police brutality. And no police is held accountable for it. The videos are out there with fatalities recorded. You infuriate the people more when you use force.

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2) BEHAVIOR & BODY LANGUAGE OF THE GOVERNMENT . One of the infuriating response of government is an attempt to shut the internet. There was also a rumored intervention of the Nigerian army. That in itself exonerated the movement's stand because it seems they don't want to effect the promises they have made. It is undemocratic and it tilts towards a militarized state.

3) THE CHANGE OF NAME IN A HURRY :The most outstanding change from the police is SWAT. the government and police said they need time to reform police, then why the rush to unveil SWAT when you are yet to reform? It seems they are running out of extortion opportunities. A lot of youths have given their own meaning as SARS WITH ANOTHER TITLE, SARS WITHOUT ADEQUATE TRAINING etc. It is too hasty. SWAT has an allusion to SARS and it is undeniably true.

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4) THERE IS ONLY COMMON CAUSE BUT NO LEADERSHIP : THE government has tried almost twice to quell the revolutionary movement by calling on influential entertainers, believing they can assuage the people with such meetings. Davido is one of them and yet, the people said NO! There is really no leader but quasi-coordinators. Sowore, AISHA YUSUFU, etc, no one can claim he/she is the leader of this movement but they are stake holders. And it is good it is faceless for sake of shutting it down through them.

5) THE MOCKERY & WARNING OF FELLOW YOUTHS : When the protest started and the IGP ordered for the withdrawal of SARS from the street, we expected calm but some youths who had been taunting the movement mocked " NA TODAY DEM DEY BAN SARS?" while others who had sincere interest warned that the IGP should not be taken seriously because that is not the original aim, it was to #ENDSARS


6) IT IS MORE THAN #ENDSARS :Some people thought that the protest was a yahooboys protest. Others thought it was just #ENDSARS issue and they were giving several reasons against the protest. Those of us who knew the direction of the movement, kept supporting it in our own little way. Look at the different chapters of this protest and failed attempt of the government and police at handling the situation and you will realize that #ENDSARS is a microcosm of the message the Nigerian youths are sending to the government and the international community were our name has been tarnished by the Same people plundering us. When this is done, it will form an imagery, indelible mark on the memory of Nigerians and Nigeria leadership. It will create a new foundation for this generation and will be a motivation for the emerging generation should this movement fail at all.

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7) TO PROVE THAT WE ARE NOT LAZY YOUTHS : We are not stranger to LAZY YOUTH tag by Mr president which had been taken over by people who don't believe in our youths. They have been mocked that they only watch BIG BROTHER NAIJA(BBN) and that they have apartheid attitude towards governance. Now they have decided to involve themselves. This protest is an opportunity to prove that the youths have been ignoring, tolerating and managing the situation and it should not be taken for stupidity and laziness. When this protest is all said and done, we will have a different perspective of who the Nigerian youths are.

These are the reasons to know that the government and IGP are not doing the right things . If the government want this to end on time, they should sincerely address issues with sincerity of purpose and not try to apply alternative measures that is anti-people. Once they send a positive vibration into the protesters, it will soft pedal and the energy and anger will wane, but again it must be sincere. Again, show of force increases the strength of revolution.

Counsellor Dennis Agori,
D. G, Africa Global Youth Foundation (AGYF)



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