5 Things That Can Disqualify You From Npower Batch C Physical Verification

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5 Things That Can Disqualify You From Npower Batch C Physical Verification & 5 things to disqualify you from npower job

If you are a potential Npower Batch C recipient, Ejes Gist Nigeria urged you to read this article  to the conclusion.

This article will teach you   about the major five (5)   factors that could disqualifies  you from getting enrolled into the N-Power Batch C Nationwide Recruitment Programme. Read also  Npower Physical Verification Requirements for Batch C you can also Read this Todays Npower News for 2021 ( Sadiya Farouq Announces Date for Npower Physical Verification )  take note.


The 5 major things that  can  disqualify you from Npower Batch C

The following are some factors that may stymie your decision:

1) Fake Certificate or Credentials 

It is akin to disqualification if any of the documents an applicant uploaded during online registration or provided during Npower physical verification are falsified. Please be aware that the programme has a zero-tolerance policy for falsified documentation.

If your documents are fraudulent, don’t bother presenting them for verification because, in addition to being disqualified, you could be detained and handed over to the appropriate law enforcement agency for prosecution.

2) Failure to keep your BVN and credentials up to date and valid

Believe me when I say that many applications will be dismissed on this basis. Some applicants are unaware that an internet site called N-power was developed to allow candidates to amend their documents and take a 20-question online test. www.nasims.gov.ng is the website where you can take the online test.

3) Candidates who are currently employed

Please be aware that the Npower Program is solely for unemployed graduates. Even if some applicants are employed, they wish to participate in the Npower programme because of the monthly stipend. Npower’s new salary structure for Batch C can be found here.

Be prepared to be excluded if you are employed or participated in the Npower programme with a previous batch.

4) Maximum Age

The Npower age limit is between 18 and 35 years. Applicants who are under or over the age limit will be rejected from the N-power programme.

5) Members of the NYSC

Because they are considered employed, serving members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) are not eligible to participate in the Npower programme. You will be disqualified from participating if you are a member of the Corps. Is it possible for Corps members and PCMs to apply for Npower? I’ve received a response!

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