5 huge struggles of dating someone with a poor sense of humour


Being witty, funny, sarcastic and having an ability to carve out humour from nearly every situation is one thing, actually understanding humorous remarks and witty comebacks is another thing.

So it’s a two-edged sword. You want someone who can make you laugh and who can take a joke.

Here are five struggles you might face when you date someone with an inexistent sense of humour:

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1. Conversation problems

If humour is limited or not as good as one would expect it to be, it reflects in the quality of conversations you’ll be having in that relationship.

Your convos will very likely be overly serious and uptight all the time and you really won’t get the freedom to express and experience humour as you’d love to.

Imagine dating someone who can't even take a joke. [Credit AK Accelerator]Imagine someone who can’t even take a joke. [Credit AK Accelerator]

2. Jokes always get misinterpreted as insults

It could kill the vibe in a relationship if you have to always worry before dropping a witty remark because your babe or man can’t take a joke and always sulk that you’re ‘making fun of them’ or ‘insulting’ them.

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3. You always have to explain jokes to them

Frankly, it could be such a dispiriting chore to always have to explain humour and/or sarcasm to someone.

It could also feel that way if you get to drop little witty remarks that never draw a laugh because your partner’s sense of humour is so not on par with yours.

4. Boredom

For people who highly value humour and love light-hearted conversations, such relationships might soon become boring.

I mean, if you are funny, you’d most likely want someone who has funny mischief up their sleeves all the time, someone who plays pranks, make the most absurd faces and does a lot of amusing things, right?

5. Eventual breakup

When boredom escalates to a point, you could become fed up with the relationship.

Also when every attempt at humour gets misinterpreted as insults, it could lead to misunderstandings which could eventually lead to other unpleasant circumstances that could, in the long run, spell the end of that relationship.



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