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Delta state youths and their Hossana praise jobs.

Okowa killer squad

In this picture above ,a careful look will reveal the intent of the visit of these set of Alleluyah singing choristers to Hilary Obi Ibegbulem,the principal secretary to Governor Ifeanyi .
This particular group have made politicians their Alpha and Omega,so long as you can provide them their daily bread.

During the time of Dr Uduaghan,they provided for themselves an office space by Summit road,they named the office “The Parliament”.
They named the charlatan group “One Belle”.
Their only occupation is staying around politicians,forming gallant security guys to them.
They may have found themselves willing boss in Dr Ifeanyi Okowa,who through his principal secretary is strengthening them for future rigging of election and thuggery jobs.

In this picture,one will easily observe their worth and their engagements when one takes a careful look at the left hand of the guy on Black T-shirt at the far right.

These guys are used in all PDP rallies as security,not finance or mobilisation personnel but mere security.

These are the crop of people whom we are told are leaders of Tomorrow,our own tomorrow.

No wonder these octogenarians will never allow the youths to spring up their heads,we have through majority of us,sold our souls to politicians,for crumbs.

Hilary Hilary Obi Ibegbulem himself is a youth and subjecting his fellow youths to such unintelligent engagement speaks volume of his love for youths.

Under this govt,shouts of Ego aria has become very popular,but in the circles of the officials of the same Ego aria govt,it isn’t popular,for they have plenty to share amongst aides,thugs and girlfriends.

Well,if no be Facebook wen ask me what’s on mind,I for just waka pass, but this is my state and I am pained to my bones on the things that we have to see everyday and I believe that my fellow youths deserve better for the future that will surely come.
And until they come to full realisation, they will never be reckoned with.
Until my fellow youths take up their destinies in their own hands and stop this charlatanry,embrace intellectualism,become their own boss and develop their own mindset,then we can start looking up towards our youths as the future leaders of tomorrow

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