2023: Wike Slams Peter Obi says “No way he would’ve won PDP presidential primary”

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2023: Wike Slams says “No way he would’ve won PDP presidential primary”

Governor Nyesom Wike of River State has stated that if former presidential aspirant Peter Obi had remained in the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, he would not have a chance of winning the party’s presidential primary.

Wike, who emphasized character and integrity, wondered how Obi would have won the presidential primary.

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Wike wondered why Obi would leave the party three days before the PDP’s presidential primary on Politics Today, a Channels TV political show monitored by correspondent.

“What is he seeing now that he didn’t see for how many years, 72 hours before the election, it’s now he’s seeing,” he explained. For the 2019 presidential election, he is running as a vice presidential candidate.

Someone can run for president and still abandon their party and make mistakes.

“Who are the people who are causing the PDP to lose the election?” Can you put your trust in them enough to give them a ticket? It will not be amusing to do something that will result in the total destruction of PDP.

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“It’s a problem when we talk about character. “You can be the best economist in the world, but it means nothing if you lack character,” he said.

Wike Slams Peter Obi says “No way he would’ve won PDP presidential primary”

He, on the other hand, said Obi’s decision to leave the PDP was unsurprising because he hasn’t won an election since leaving his previous party, the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA).

“Peter Obi’s departure from the party is not surprising to me, and I know he knows there is no way he could have won the presidential primaries,” Wike said. Ignore what his DG has to say about money.

“Those of us who have been members of this party since 1998 have never left.” It’s in our blood if it’s this party. It makes no difference what problems we have in the party; we have to be inside to solve them.”

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Wike wondered if Obi would now become a vice-presidential candidate for Rabiu Kwankaso, the former governor of Kano and the leader of the New Nigeria People’s Party, NNPP.

“Integrity is very important in what you’re doing,” he said. Integrity is required. There must be a character, and I’ve instructed all delegates to exercise extreme caution.”

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