2023: I’ll disgrace APC, PDP, Sowore Boast


2023: Sowore Boast says I’ll disgrace ,

, a human rights activist, has said that he would “disgrace” the ruling All Progressives Party (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) by becoming Nigeria’s 16th President in the 2023 presidential election.

Sowore had previously been named the ’s (AAC) presidential candidate for the .

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At the party’s national convention on Thursday, held at the Work and Connect Event Center in Abuja and watched by officials from the Independent National Electoral Commission, he was declared the undisputed winner (INEC).

Members of the party from all over the country attended the event.

He had, however, stepped down as the party’s National Chairman, handing over to Mohammed Bako, the Deputy Chairman.

Sowore, who described himself as the most genuine president Nigerians have ever seen, stated that other parties have chosen their own “thieves,” but that AAC must choose its own “police.”

We’re back in the game, he says, and the Nigerian people are waiting for their real president.

The other parties have chosen their thieves, and we have decided that if they choose thieves, we will choose our own police,” Sowore said.

He claimed that Nigeria had been plundering by “moneybags” and “fraudsters,” and that Nigerians now have to choose between light and darkness.

“I’m glad we now have the opportunity to distinguish between darkness and light; to distinguish between the corrupt and the honest or incorruptible; to distinguish between the old and the young; to distinguish even between the sick and the healthy; to distinguish between, as you say, the ugly and the fine; to distinguish between the strong and the weak.

“To distinguish between those who are vulnerable and those who are barbaric; to distinguish between thieves and those of us who will catch them.”

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“So, Nigerians now have a clear choice, and we are warning you now that you had a choice in 2019 but chose to ignore it.”


Now is the time to make the best decisions for your own and your children’s futures. Our country’s future, Africa’s future, and the world’s future are all on the line.

“The year is 2022. Nigerians scream for independence, liberty, and prosperity. Our party, the African National Congress, will deliver this to you, and I want to assure you that we will make our opponents look bad.”

He did say, however, that when his term as President of Nigeria was up, he would hand over power to the women.

He promised to improve Nigeria’s health care system, educational infrastructure, ensure women’s participation in governance, and raise workers’ living wages, among other things.

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“And, after I leave office as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2023, I hope that the next president will be a woman, and that is exactly what will happen.” On behalf of myself, I’d like to accept your nomination.

“We’re bringing you quality healthcare.” We will reopen your schools and those of our children who are in the educational sector from kindergarten to university who have been home due to the lecturers’ strike.

“We are no longer working on universal basic education because we have progressed beyond it.” We provide you with cutting-edge technologically based education.

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“We are promising this country that where there is darkness, there will be light.” Because we know, and I know, that I can provide electricity in Nigeria 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to power not only a political but also an industrial revolution.

“We will also clearly manage a compact and effective government.” We will work to overthrow the Nigerian constitution, which is not only a forgery, but also antiquated and illegitimate due to the military’s creation. That Constitution must be altered. You will be paid a living wage as a worker.”

That is the latest on 2023: I’ll disgrace APC, PDP, Sowore Boast


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