2023: Fresh crisis hits APGA as two Presidential candidates emerge

APGA youth leader killed

2023: Fresh crisis hits as two Presidential candidates emerge

The All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, may be to blame for its political fortunes in the 2023 general election if it fails to resolve the internal crisis that is now threatening its cohesion ahead of the polls.

The leadership squabble between and , who are both vying for the party’s national chairmanship, is at issue. While the former regards Njoku as an outsider and non-member of the party, the latter claims that the Supreme Court confirmed him as the legitimate national chairman of the party last month.

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As a result, both men are in charge of the party’s affairs from separate secretariats, which include two national working committees.

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Party leaders, including the recently decamped former Senate Minority Leader, Enyinayya Abaribe, and ex-Information Minister, Frank Nweke Jr, stormed the APGA national secretariat to witness the party’s Special Presidential convention, which elected Prof. Peter Umeadi, a former Anambra state Chief Judge, as the flag bearer.

The Njoku-led NWC elected APGA’s founding national chairman, Chekwas Okorie, as its flag bearer two days later, a development that is likely to spark litigation before and after the elections unless the party finds a way to resolve the issue.

Oye took Njoku to task shortly after the emergence of Umeadi, accusing him of plotting to derail his leadership of the party.

“APGA is the real party,” he says, “and our last convention was on May 31, 2019.”

We haven’t had factions in APGA since 2019.

All of the people posing as APGA leaders are intrusive intruders and outright fraudsters.

Edozien Njoku went to Owerri after our 2019 convention to elect himself chairman. This country must be a law-and-order state.

“In APGA, there is only one leadership. I’d like the Independent National Electoral Commission, or INEC, to make a fair decision.

Why should a political nonentity masquerade as the APGA’s national chairman? We must address the people who are causing unrest in this country.


Edozie Njoku is a fictitious character.”

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“As a political party, we have noticed series of attempts by some individuals to confuse the salient issues relating to the recent Supreme Court judgement in a bid to create confusion where none exists,” Njoku said in response to Oye’s salvo.

“Recall that ever since the nation’s apex court declared that Chief Edozie Njoku’s removal as the national chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, was illegal and unjustifiable, some misguided individuals whose stock in trade is to profit from crises went to town with the narrative that the Supreme Court’s pronouncement was forged.”

“We wish to state that one Jude Okeke claimed to have taken over as acting chairman of the party after Chief Edozie Njoku was suspended following the APGA’s National Convention in Owerri, Imo State’s capital, on May 31, 2019.”

“On the basis of that false claim, the Jigawa State High Court in Birin Kudu ruled that the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, should deal with the said Jude Okeke and uploaded the name of the Governorship candidate submitted by him for the Anambra State Governorship Election on November 6, 2021.”

“Dissatisfied with the ruling of the Jigawa State High Court, Ozonkpu Victor Oye, who had been in court with Chief Edozie Njoku, petitioned the Court of Appeal, Kano Division, to have the Jigawa State High Court’s judgement set aside.

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“The Court of Appeal overturned the ruling of the Jigawa State High Court on the grounds that the court lacked territorial jurisdiction to hear the case, akin to forum shopping.”

“Stunned by the Appeal Court’s reversal of the Jigawa State High Court’s decision allowing him to submit the name of a governorship candidate to INEC, Jude Okeke filed an appeal with the Supreme Court.”

Fresh crisis hits APGA as two Presidential candidates emerge

“At the Supreme Court, Jude Okeke’s appeal was dismissed on the grounds that Victor Oye’s purported removal was not legal, and that his decision to travel to Jigawa state for an exercise that took place in Southeast amounted to Forum Shopping and abuse of the court process.”

“On the clerical error purporting that Victor Oye was suspended, Chief Edozie Njoku applied to the Supreme Court for a review to correct the erroneous impression that Oye was suspended,” he said, adding that “on May 9 this year, the apex court affirmed the Owerri national convention, putting an end to the lingering leadership crisis.”

Njoku has since written to Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, the INEC national chairman, requesting recognition as the APGA’s national chairman.

“APGA does not have two Presidential candidates to my knowledge,” Njoku says in an exclusive interview with newsmen.

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By law, the executive that emerged from the Owerri convention is the executive of APGA, according to the Federal High Court ruling.


APGA does not allow any other executive to run primaries. The cherry on top is the recent Supreme Court decision, which reinstated Chief Edozie Njoku as national chairman, stating that his removal was not justified.”

According to Oye, there are no factions in APGA, and Umeadi is still the party’s presidential candidate.

In the coming months, it will be interesting to see which of the two men receives official recognition from INEC.

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