Catholic Bishops Slams Tinubu On his choice of ‘Muslim-Muslim’ Ticket

’s selection as Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s running mate for the APC presidential nomination in 2023 has prompted various response from Nigerians including Catholic bishops.

, the prominent social commentator and Catholic Bishop of the Sokoto Diocese has reacted to the selection of shettima as the vice presidential candidate of the , APC.

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Shettima’s selection as the Lagos politician’s running partner was announced on Sunday, putting the “Muslim-Muslim” ticket rumors to rest.

Speaking on the subject, Kukah said Nigerians should determine whether or not they want a President and Vice-President who are Muslim.

This is what you would call team selection, and everyone will make their choice based on what they believe will offer them a fair opportunity, he added.

People will then accept accountability for their decisions. I don’t think it’s important enough to keep me up at night.

“We are Democrats because you cannot compel people to be unhappy with the decisions that have been made. No candidate can be forced to run by us outsiders.

You now have to consider the decisions that have been made. Furthermore, there is no assurance that all Muslims will vote for Muslims and all Christians will support Christians.

In addition, , the Catholic Archbishop of Abuja Diocese, stated that the country was not ready for a presidential ticket of the same religion.

“It would not be fair or just to say that only one religion will generate the main actors while excluding others who will feel like aliens.

It is beneficial that we maintain a balance so that we can become like a single large family for the sake of religious sensitivity in a country like Nigeria.

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Additionally, the “Muslim-Muslim” ticket was dubbed “Insensitive” by Rev. Fr. Mike Umoh, Director of Social Communication for the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria.

“We have stated and made clear our position. The Muslim/Muslim ticket is inappropriate at this time and unhealthy.


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