The biggest boost to the Ogboru for governor’s project is the error of endorsing Okowa as the sole candidate of the Anioma people. While this decision clearly makes any attempt to contemplate the choice of a delta north candidate for APC governorship very unreasonable because the people of Anioma already made a clear choice in Okowa’s candidacy. It recklessly creats a sense of ethnic competitiveness. It introduces a battlefield for ethnic supremacy. And Fred Larimore’s indiscretion resonates this political blunder.

Your guess is as good as mine when all the Urhobos get compelled to unite behind Ogboru who is there own, by the action of the Anioma people to unite behind Okowa as their son. So Fred must be the biggest fool to celebrate a major blunder of the PDP which the endorsement of Okowa as the only candidate and for continuity as governor imply.

Nemesis at work: Oh, what a Pity Barr. Fred Latimore, who will you choose OKOWA OR BUHARI?

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It’s just a matter of time for the Urhobos to be awakened to the consciousness of the tribal politics by the delta north people. Who, though, call themselves the aniomas can never enjoy unity because they are indeed a conglomerate of divergent nationalities. It is a mistake that increases Ogboru’s electoral fortune because his people,the Urhobos are highly homogeneous and can elicit strong unity of purpose to line up behind their own. What more? We’re double the number of the anioma people. It’s only nincompoop like Fred Larimore that would gloat on disastrous miscalculations like this.

You said Ochei has been enlisted to deputize for Ogboru and turned around foolishly to say it would not fly because both have questions to answer. In your words Efcc would not allow them. While you acused Ochei of helping himself with the public till, you accuse Ogboru of mismanagement and indebtedness to banks. I will allow Ochei’s men to avail themselves here, while will speak for Ogboru.

Let me remind Fred Larimore for the umpteenth time that Ogboru became a billionaire before 30, not by fraud or by inheritance. His business and source of income is well-known globally. His business acumen is legendary. Note that at the age of 27 Ogboru already owned three big companies. I don’t know whether and how much he owes banks because I don’t care. But my little knowledge of banking tells me that you don’t get a billion from any bank if you don’t have a colateral in asset of more than two billions. That’s why people like you can’t ever receive attention from any bank. Banks would never relate with paupers like you because they are in to make extra dough from major men like Ogboru.

I remember vividly that two years Mr. Common sense had his silver bird conglomerate seized by Amcon over 10 billions debt, even Dangote is owing banks. Know ye not o’foolish man who debt is not a crime and cannot disqualify anyone from contesting election. I wonder why you have chosen to be more amcom and banks instead of concentrating on your ignoble profession as a dirty and quack hatchet writer.

While Ogboru’s source of wealth is a public knowledge, your man, the only rotten teeth governor in the world has no record of any involvement in money-making venture. Though, a medical doctor, he is not known for successful medical practice. We know that Ngige rose from the ranks to become chief medical director in the ministry of health. But okowa all his life has worked in politics as his company. Politics is Okowa’s company. That’s where he has worked all his life. From secretary to local , to Council Chairman to commissioner to SSG to the Senate to governor. He can’t account for his massive wealth because all his life he has dipped his finger into our treasury. Okowa has been in the league of the looters of our state treasury since 1999. And has continued till date. While Ogboru despite the huge resources that he has sunk into the struggle for the liberation of the people of delta has continued to sweat for every kobo he has spent since 2001. Ogboru deserves honour and respect while your Okowa is made for prison just like his godfather, Ibori. I hope you are seeing how your Nwaboshi is drifting gradually to jail your (Ibori, Uduaghan, Okowa) destination.

Signed by;

Prince Christopher Akpojotor Agaga



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