2019 AND THE DELTA PROGRESSIVES, O’Tega Why Did you Contest Against Okowa in 2015?


I wish to respond to the above referenced write up by one Mr. Godwin Anaughe, who, acting on the directives of his pay-master, obviously could not hide his hatred for the people of Delta Central Senatorial District and those of the Delta South Senatorial District, albeit, The Urhobo Nation, The Isoko Nation, The Itsekiri Nation, and The Ijaw Nation.


As an Urhobo from Delta Central Senatorial District, I intend to contend here, that Urhobos of Delta Central Senatorial District produce the next Governor of the State come 2019 through the platform. This becomes even appropriate considering the fact that those flying the kite of zoning or ceding the APC Gubernatorial ticket to the Aniomas in Delta North Senatorial District are also Urhobos from the Delta Central Senatorial District of the State.

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Mr. Godwin Anaughe and his sponsors obviously do not have the slightest idea of where we the Urhobos are coming from and where we intend to progress to. It is not for them to choose which path the Urhobos should take in the now, and in the future.

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The Urhobo Nation did not enter into any rotational policy with any of the other ethnic nationalities in Delta State. Except of course Mr. Godwin Anaughe and his sponsors would provide such documents for all to see. And if I may ask, does it mean that Olorogun O’tega Emerhor knew of the agreed rotational policy the Urhobos had with the Anioma ethnic nation, and he still went on to contest against Governor in 2015, and after the election, he still went ahead to challenge the victory in court? Perhaps Mr. Godwin Anaughe would want to spin some explanation on that. Anyway, I would not spend my precious time responding to the every concocted spin that Mr. Godwin Anaughe tried to employ in his support of the views of his paymaster. I shall proceed to educate Mr. Godwin Anaughe and his master of the reasons his kite will NEVER fly on this issue.
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To this end, I wish to state that the political aspirations of the Urhobos as a Nation, is bigger than that of an individual(s), no matter whom that (those) individual(s) is/are.


Individuals who would, out of greedy, selfish and vendetta-laddened mindsets, decide to relegate their ethnic nationality to the background should be feared and never associated with, politically.


I describe such acts or decisions by these individuals as a retrogressively callous political pursuit that will consume them, when the real time comes to decide the political fate of the Urhobo Nation.


And I make bold to say here that even the late Rt. Hon. (Chief) Pius Ewherido would NEVER AGREE to a plan that relegates the Urhobo Nation to the background. Note that it was the late Rt. Hon. (Chief) Pius Ewherido, who brought APC to us, first in Delta Central, and then to Delta State as a whole (may his gentle and ever vibrant politically conscious soul continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord).


These devious and retrogressive ideas that are been canvassed by these Urhobo-haters (who pretend to love Urhobo), ARE CERTAINLY NOT THE IDEAS the late Rt. Hon. Chief Pius Ewherido (of blessed memory) had when he brought APC to Delta State. If only the dead could speak! He certainly will be furious and turning in his grave, to see those who claim to be his political apostles propagating an idea that aims to kill Urhobo Politically.


I am most surprised that someone who claims to be a political son of Urhobo Nation, could suggest and canvas that Anioma Nation should be Governor ahead of the Urhobo Nation come 2019.


Let me remind the author of the write up in reference – Mr. Godwin Anaughe, as well as the propagators of the idea of Anioma Nation producing the 2019 APC Governorship candidate, ahead of the Urhobo Nation, that as it is with the present APC party, it was the Delta Central people – Urhobos, who brought the PDP to Delta State, and were at the center of it all in PDP, until ideas such as is been muted, relegates us to the status of periphery members within the PDP, and eventually, we were pushed out of the PDP as a party in Delta State.


These were, and are still, the experiences of our people within the PDP party of today, that led a man like the late Rt. Hon. Chief Pius Ewherido (of blessed memory) who had the political foresight to bring the APC, first to the Urhobos, with intent to spread it to the wider Delta State.  It is not for us to play second fiddle to those who already control the PDP.


Why was it that during the last Gubernatorial Elections in Delta State, with PDP at the Federal level, it was the Urhobos who fully embraced APC as a party? Was it not because the PDP, as it was then at the Federal level was also the ruling party here in Delta State?  So, now that the APC has toppled the PDP at the Federal level, the PDP here in Delta State must also topple the APC here in Delta State?  Is that why the Ruling PDP party here in Delta State is scheming through some misguided APC members in Delta Central Senatorial District to have the Urhobos relinquish through the back door, what naturally should come to the Urhobos, and have the Aniomas inherit it? Have we forgotten so soon how the Urhobos were chased, first out of the ‘palour’, then the ‘corridor’, and finally, out of the Estate of PDP? Warri person go ask “dem swear for Urhobo people?”. Or ‘na Anioma jazz dey work Urhobo people?”. The Ibo person would say “tufia Kwa”.


How was it also, that during the reign of PDP (Dr. Goodluck Jonathan) at the Federal level, the Aniomas got all the Federal appointments (over 25 for themselves, to the paltry less than 5 the Urhobos got)? Did they agree then, to share it equitably with the other ethnic nationalities in Delta State? Of course not.  The Aniomas have the State Capital, and have continuously secured all major and juicy appointments coming to Delta State in the last 12 years, yet they are not satisfied.


“If nor be Anioma juju dey wok des veri few Urhobo pipo, wen dey campane say make Urhobo forget govanor position in 2019 elesion, den deris somtin wrong with der head. Of course it is madness to have these Urhobo-haters, out of their personal / selfish / greedy agendas, canvassing that Anioma Nation should be Governor ahead of the Urhobo Nation come 2019. “. Make I dey warn dem now, if we hear am for der mouth again, we go mobilize Urhobo Nation to swear for dem”. ‘Chikena’. We go jus tell our old granmamas to naked (bavwiyor) for dem straight away.


Joke aside, and so that I am better understood, I wish to follow up my above-stated position with more realistic arguments, to make my points clear to all.


The reason for my preference for Delta Central Senatorial District of APC to produce the Governorship Candidate come 2019, is simply based on the incontrovertible fact that there is presently no single individual in Anioma Nation, who would ‘Sincerely Contest Against Gov. Okowa’, or who can ‘Withstand Gov. Okowa In Contest, come 2019?


Mind you, there is a world of difference between ‘Sincerely Contesting’ and ‘Withstanding Gov. Okowa In Contests’.


I say this because, any attempt or attempted attempt (like the Warri boy would say) to surrender the APC Governorship ticket to the Aniomas, is the same as handing Gov. Okowa himself, the APC Governorship ticket, and it will certainly mean that Gov. Okowa possesses the joint Governorship ticket for PDP and APC.


If you are still not convinced, then tell me, ‘which single individual, from the whole of Delta State (North, Central, & South Senatorial Districts) beside ‘Olorogun Great Ovedje Ogboru’ who can defeat Okowa come 2019?


Take away the persistent rigging done by PDP, it is known to all that Olorogun Great Ovedje Ogboru had always won, and that PDP has always rigged him out, because PDP at the Federal level was promoting and sustaining ‘Rigging’ in Delta State.


You and I know it that with the huge and Tsunami-like followership enjoyed by Olorogun Great Ovedje Ogboru in Delta State, he remains the ONLY single individual that can ‘Withstand’ and ‘Sincerely’ contest against Gov. Okowa come 2019. There is no doubt that he stands a better chance of defeating Gov. Okowa come 2019. All that is needed is for ALL APC faithful to be united and defend the votes.


Let me go on to present below, what one Hon Odikpo Eleazar (Anioma person) recently posted on Whatsapp. I am sure it will make sense to you:





By Hon Odikpo Eleazar (Delta North)


For over ten years now, it has been in my character to visit ‘Charity homes’ and ‘Royal fathers’ mostly at the near of Xmas every year.


Yesterday, I visited one of Anioma’s Highly respected Royal fathers with some of my people, as Xmas season draws near.


Along the line, we discussed issues on Nigeria Economy and Delta North Politics because the man is noble and an intellectual but we focus more on Delta Guber race 2019, as it affect Delta North Politic were Anioma is clamouring for the Governorship through APC or through other parties.


The Man, though not a politician but a royal activist who understands politics said that God has already help Anioma people by giving them Governor and any other Anioma son or daughter  clamouring for Anioma Governor in APC or any other party should be mischievous, anti-Anioma and will never get it as far as Anioma Traditional Council is concerned. He went further to say that he is aware that Delta State have been so unfortunate by having bad leaders from the time of James Ibori, Uduaghan and now Okowa, but what is important is Okowa  taking his 8 years and go.


He said that any Anioma son and daughter trying to contest with Okowa through other parties is only being selfish, because in the light of the very bad governance by Ibori and Uduaghan, they also took their 8 years, and if an Anioma son or daughter wants to support an Anioma person, then that will be Okowa, to enable him complete same 8 years as Ibori and Uduaghan did.


He asked ‘who the Aniomas are clamouring for, to be governor?’ Will that person do better than Okowa?


A lot of issues came up in course of our discussions, and I began to see the dark side of the aspiration by the Aniomas to grab the APC Governorship ticket. Any Anioma candidate contesting for it is purely because of sentiment.


From our discussions, I discovered that the traditional rulers and village Chiefs are determined to support Okowa rather than any other Anioma person in any other party.”


Having read the above, and that this satanic proposition by these greedy and selfish Urhobos will not becloud us in APC, I sincerely advice those who are passionate on Anioma Agenda issue should please think twice.


APC should have a counter strategy to that of the PDP if we must win them, come 2019.


Adopting same PDP strategy of zoning APC Guber ticket to Delta North will mean APC is tacitly supporting Okowa to complete his tenure as Okowa (no thanks to the mindset of the Aniomas) currently has no viable opposition amongst the Anioma aspirants that are lining up in the APC. That is the gospel truth.


Let’s give thoughts to this, if we want to win.


Thank you,


From Hon Odikpo Eleazar ( Delta North)”



Find below my response to the post by Hon Odikpo Eleazar:


I have always reasoned in line with this exposition by the Anioma Royal father.


I can remember very well, that what the Anioma Royal father is saying, played itself out during the last (2015) Gubernatorial Election, after Rt. Hon. (Engr., Barr) Ochei and others had lost the Governorship primary to Gov. Okowa.


The story was that Rt. Hon. (Engr., Barr) Ochei was approached, first by the Labour Party (LP) and then, later by APC, for him to contest as the Deputy Governorship candidate, alongside either of their Governorship candidate, but the  Rt. Hon. (Engr., Barr) Ochei, after initially accepting to pick up any of the offers, jettisoned the idea, after he was dragged before the Royal fathers of the Aniomas, who advised and warn Rt. Hon. (Engr., Barr) Ochei to drop the offers, and that their people won’t forgive him if he joins either Labour Party (LP) or APC to fight and scuttle the chances of an Anioma son (Okowa) becoming Governor.


And so, Rt. Hon. (Engr., Barr) Ochei rejected the offers, and instead joined an affiliate party of the PDP – Accord Party, to pretend to be contesting against a PDP son of theirs (Anioma). Of course, we know the rest of the story.


What I have to say here, is that granted that we all have our rights as political beings to support any person we want to support, but then, in the light of the scheming of the Aniomas, it therefore will be wise to advice that ‘The Urhobo Nation’ represented by Delta Central Senatorial District, should advise their political sons or daughters not to play greedy, foolish, selfish, or retaliatory politics that will hand the APC ticket to an Anioma person. Just like the Anioma Royal father said, “that will mean handing the APC ticket to Okowa himself.


He who has ears let him/her hear; he who has brain, let him/her use it, not just to think, but to think with it properly.


I hope that this will put this matter to rest, I hope, otherwise, I am ever ready, like many others, to meet the protagonists of the ‘Anioma Agenda’ at any point of the struggle towards the liberation of Delta State from a deceptive/fraudulent, retrogressive and reckless 20 years PDP leadership of the State that would culminate in 2019. Thank God we now know some of these persons behind this misguided and callous plot that is getting thicker by the day, and orchestrated by those who suddenly now realized that they cannot ‘withstand’ a contest against Gov. Okowa, or perhaps cannot ‘sincerely’ contest against Gov. Okowa come 2019.

To them, if they cannot be, no other should be. Like I stated above, thank God we now know them (we thank them for boldly coming out of their shells), and as their scheming gets bolder, we also intend to start calling out the names of the clique, so that the Urhobo Nation would know those plotting against it’s progress.



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