19-year-old Boy Nailed To Tree For Allegedly Stealing Radio (photo)

19-year-old Boy Nailed To Tree For Allegedly Stealing Radio

For Allegedly Stealing Radio. 

“A 19-yr old does not have a fully developed mind, he only needs the society to guide him. But what does society do? Turn against each other, we are filled with anger and hatred for one another.

“We are our own enemy. Such a sickening world.”

Eboko Rashid said: “This is too barbaric, diabolical, vexatious, irksome and obnoxious. I mean there is no amount of anger that can warrant such an evil act. The moral fiber of our society has greatly degenerated. This is pathetic, to say the least. The perpetrators MUST face the long arm of the law. What a shame!”

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Kipkirui Raymond agreed. He said: “Indeed. So sad. Crucifiers must be brought to book for such inhuman crucifixion act.”

Kyle Knick also condemned the act. He said:”Surely.. How hard was it to take him to a police station and report him… Dear Lord have mercy on our societies.. So sad indeed.. It doesn’t matter what he did wrong, there is a way and a right and humane way of doing things…”

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Ferdinand Makokha said: “19 years old, thus just a boy who is in exploration and passing a stage. Support them the right way without physically, emotionally or psychologically torturing or tormenting them but mentoring them to become responsible citizens of this great country.”

Kiriungi Njogu Ke said: “Ngai mwathani! This is sad, wrong, evil and the saddest thing that can happen to anyone. This is cruel and so hurting. No matter the crime, this one has gone overboard. Humans are dangerous. Animals have fewer brains but can not behave like this. Am so teary. May justice prevail.”

Shillah Cheru said: “Lord protect our children. This is pure wickedness. This is the most heartbreaking thing have seen this night. Where did humanity go?”

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