1860 Munich vs Dortmund Full Time Score


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1860 Munich 0 – 3 Dortmund

90’| 1860 Munich vs Dortmund  Full Time Score  0-3

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The match ends in Germany. Dortmund advance to the next round after playing the roles in the first half. The goals were scored by Malen, Bellingham and Adeyemi.

4:27 PM2 hours ago

80’|What a save by Hiller

What a game from Hiller. Dortmund could be a few goals up on the scoreboard. Dahoud shot from outside the box and the goalkeeper made a good save.

4:22 PM2 hours ago

73’|The match is decided

Neither of the two teams are taking any risks, they seem to be thinking about the next one. The locals have 15 minutes left to turn it around. It is very difficult for them

4:07 PM2 hours ago

59’|Hiller stop

What a save by Hiller who is undoubtedly the best of his team. Reus makes a mistake on the ball and shoots but the goalkeeper denies him the goal.

4:01 PM2 hours ago

52’|Uy Süle

Dortmund continues to press. Terzic wants more faiths that through a shot from Süle has been the clearest opportunity of this half.

3:53 PM2 hours ago

46’| 1860 Munich vs Dortmund The ball starts rolling again

The ball is back in play in Germany. Dortmund have one foot in the next round unless the home side stop them.

3:35 PM2 hours ago

45’|1860 Munich vs Dortmund  Halftime

End of the first half. Dortmund is leading 0-3 in these first 45 minutes. A good first half for Terzic’s team

3:26 PM3 hours ago

35’|Adeyemi’s goal

Goal for Dortmund, goal by Adeyemi who shot alone and the goalkeeper fails to catch the ball. 0-3.

3:21 PM3 hours ago

31’|Goool the Bellingham

Dortmund goal, Bellingham goal to increase the lead to two goals. Great play from Terzic’s side that started with Malen, he assisted Reus who gave the killer pass to Bellingham to score at pleasure.

3:16 PM3 hours ago

26’|Dortmund tightens up

The visitors want to increase the lead but so far the goal is not coming. Right now, the match is completely dominated by the players in yellow.

3:05 PM3 hours ago


15’|The game relaxes

We reached the first quarter of an hour of the match. Dortmund are still winning and not taking any risks. The home side take a step forward and are looking for an equalizer.

2:57 PM3 hours ago

7’|Malen’s goal

Dortmund goal. Typical play from the winger. He cut back to the defender and shot. The shot hit both posts and went into Hiller’s net.

2:54 PM3 hours ago

2’|The first chance of the match

Malen had the first chance of the match. He cut back the defender in the area and shot at the goal that took his foot out to clear it for a corner.

2:51 PM3 hours ago

0’| 1860 Munich vs Dortmund  Match Kick off

The DFB Pokal 1/32 kicked off. Great atmosphere at the Grünwalder Stadion. The Dortmund goal area is completely filled with smoke from flares. Great atmosphere


1860 Munich vs Dortmund  Line Ups for both teams

1860 Münich Lineup

For his part, Kollner has chosen his eleven for this match. This will be the starting eleven: Hiller, Lannert, Verlaat, Leandro, Steinhart, Tallig, Deichmann, Rieder, Lex, Lakenmacher and Bar.

2:20 PM4 hours ago

Dortmund lineup

Terzic has already selected his starting eleven. Kobel, Meunier, Schlotterbeck, Süle, Guerreiro, Dahoud, Bellingham, Kalen, Reus, Adeyemi and Muokoko.

2:20 PM4 hours ago

We already have lineups

Less than thirty minutes to go until kick-off and both coaches have already selected their starting line-ups. Let’s start with Dortmund’s lineup

2:11 PM4 hours ago

1860 Munich vs Dortmund  Who will win?

Less than an hour to go until the match between 1860 Munich vs Dortmund Dortmund kicks off. Who will win the match between 1860 Munich vs Dortmund Dortmund?

2:11 PM4 hours ago

Already at the stadium

Both teams have recently arrived at the stadium. They will soon start the warm-up exercises in preparation for the match.

2:11 PM4 hours ago

Villarreal vs Dortmund

Villarreal vs Dortmund // Source: Borussia Dortmund

Villarreal vs Dortmund // Source: Borussia Dortmund

9:04 PM21 hours ago

Stay tuned for the 1860 Munich vs Dortmund Dortmund live stream.

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for 1860 Munich vs Dortmund Dortmund live, as well as the latest information coming out of Germany. Keep an eye on the action with Ejes Gist Newspaper ‘s minute-by-minute live online coverage.

8:59 PM21 hours ago

Possible Dortmund line-up

For his part, Terzic may line up with the following eleven to face 1860 Munich. Kobel, Meunier, Süle, Hummels, Coulibaly, Guerreiro, Thorgan Hazard, Brandt, Bellingham, Malen and Reus.

8:54 PM21 hours ago


Possible 1860 Munich lineup

Kollner may field the following eleven to face Borussia. Hiller, Steinhart, Verlaat, Belkahia, Leandro, Tallig, Kobylanski, Rieder, Deichmann, Lex and Lakenmacher.

8:49 PM21 hours ago

Match Schedule

This is the start time of the game 1860 Munich vs Dortmund Dortmund of 29th July 2022 in several countries:Argentina: 16:45 PM,
Bolivia: 16:45 PM.
Brasil: 16:45 PM.
Chile: 15:45 PM.
Colombia: 14:45 PM.
Ecuador: 14:45 PM.
USA (ET): 14:45 PM.
Spain: 20:45 PM,
Mexico: 13:45 PM.
Paraguay: 16:45 PM.
Peru: 16:45 PM.
Uruguay: 16:45 PM.
Venezuela: 15:45 PM.

8:44 PM21 hours ago

Where to watch

The match between 1860 Munich vs Dortmund Dortmund will be available to watch on ZDF channel and on Borussia Dortmund’s website. Also, if you want to follow the match online, you can keep up to date with what is happening in the match and the score on Ejes Gist Newspaper .

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History between them

These teams have met a total of 45 times, with Dortmund winning 22 times and Munich 14 times. In nine matches they have played to a draw. And in the last match between them Munich won 1-0 in a match corresponding to the friendly matchday in 2016.

8:34 PM21 hours ago

Dortmund’s preseason

As for the visitors, they have played five games, winning three times against Luner, Dynamo Dresden and Verl, and losing to Valencia and Villarreal. And they still have one match left to play in the preseason against Antalyaspor.

8:29 PMa day ago

1860 Münich’s preseason

The home side have played five matches in the preseason where they have only beaten Karlsruher once by a resounding 4-0 scoreline. The Munich side lost twice to Monchengladbach and Newcastle, and drew twice against Ried and LASK.

8:24 PMa day ago

Dortmund’s last game

The last match of Terzic’s side was against Villarreal where they lost 0-2. The German side had several chances for Malen to take the lead but a defensive lapse cost them the first goal of the game thanks to Gerard Moreno in the last minute of the half. In the second half Dortmund continued to press but the lack of aim cost them the second goal which was scored by Chukwueze. Chukwueze’s goal sealed a game in which Borussia showed that they need a striker.

8:19 PMa day ago

Last match of 1860 Münich

Last week saw the start of the third German league, which Münich are playing in. In this opening match of the season they faced Dynamo Dresden winning by a tight 3-4. Playing as visitors 1860 Münich scored shortly after the start of the game with Ehlers goal in the 8th minute. The first half would end with the score 0-2, a goal scored by Rieder with ten minutes left in the first half. The second half goal didn’t come until the 68th minute when Bar increased the lead to three goals. Borkowski pulled one back for Dynamo but within a minute of the goal Bar scored again to make it 1-4. Schaffler and Borkowski, again, brought their team within a goal but could not get the equalizer.

8:14 PMa day ago


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