The CEO of Heritage Africa, Mr. Samuel Joel Atolagbe in an exclusive interview with Ghana- Kuamsi Base Radio Station Kumasi 104.1 FM has hinted that “Hon Vincent Sowah Odotei is the problem of the club and he must be taken off. He tells a lot of lies, I know politicians lie but his is extraordinary.

The truth is, I did not bring the issue of Lebanon to them, the player kept telling me that the club had been silent on his injury and I told him to get his unpaid $10000 ( signing on fee), I would personally take him to Lebanon for treatment at my own cost without involving hearts in that matter. Everything planned collapsed because of Hon Vincent Sowah, they tried to put themselves in the Lebanon case where they had no knowledge about.

How can they say I wasted 3 weeks whilst I wanted the betterment of my player, Hearts of Oak are just lying.  I told Hon Vincent in a message that, the more he lies, the more he brings the team down. lies cannot delivery you.

I hope they will stop lying once and take their blame so we see what we can do. It would have been a simple matter if they didn’t have Vincent in their mist and Chief Togbe Afede also  did not act wisely, he was supposed to have use wisdom to be at the top to solve it wisely but he didn’t behave that way.” He added.


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