14-Year-Old Girl Tries To Kill Her Neighbor’s Baby With Poison…Her Reason Will Shock You

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The shocking incident occurred in the Anambra State town of Ubahudara Uli, in the Ihiala Local Area.


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According to Sun News, operatives from the Anambra State Police Command’s Uli Division recently arrested Mmesoma Anyawere, a 14-year-old girl, for attempting to murder Chisindi Nwankwo, a one-month-old .

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Before being rescued by neighbours, the girl had attempted to force the to drink a popular chemical substance.

According to her, she committed this heinous act because the baby’s father had been having a sexual relationship with her, which she had hoped would lead to marriage. She claimed that the man proposed to her but that they were unable to marry.

The incident occurred in the Anambra State town of Ubahudara Uli, in the Ihiala Local Area.

Mr. Chris Owolabi, the Commissioner of Police in Anambra State, told the Saturday Sun that the baby’s mother had handed over her one-month-old baby to Mmesoma, a neighbour, while she dashed to the market. However, an enraged Mmesoma wanted to force the baby to drink a poisonous substance because she thought the baby’s father would marry her. When the neighbours heard the baby cry, they came around and discovered the suspect’s plan, according to the police commissioner. They took the baby away from her and reported the incident to the Uli Police Station.

He explained, “The suspect was apprehended right away, and the baby was rushed to the General Hospital in Awka, where the baby received medical treatment.”

The suspect later told police that the baby’s father, Chinedu Nwankwo, had promised to marry her but had failed to do so, prompting her to try to murder his child. According to him, the case was transferred from Uli Police Division to Ihiala Area Command.

“I wanted to kill the baby,” Mmesoma, the suspect, told the Saturday Sun. Chinedu Nwankwo, my father, was having an affair with me and promised me the world. He declared his intention to marry me. But, all of a sudden, he married another woman. We live next door to each other, and he has been having sex with me. He cheated on me and dumped me, then moved on to marry another woman.

“I’ve been waiting for the right moment to kill the baby. Nwankwo’s wife handed over her child to me. I had a chemical substance that I wanted to make the baby drink. Her cries, however, alerted neighbours, who took her away from me after learning of my plans. The incident was reported to the Uli Police Station, and a cop arrived to arrest me. I have no regrets about what I’ve done. “I wanted vengeance,” she admitted.

Chinedu Nwankwo, the baby’s father, also spoke with the Saturday Sun.

“It is true that I am dating Mmesoma Anyawere and that I promised to marry her, but I did not marry her and I had no idea she wanted to kill my baby,” he said. We live next to each other. I was arrested for child abuse by officers from the Area Command. They claimed I sexually abused Anyawere when she was young,” he said.

“I was shocked when I heard that Anyawere wanted to kill my baby,” Mrs. Nwankwo, the baby’s mother, said. I went to the market and gave her my baby to look after because she was my neighbour. I never imagined she had such a strategy in mind. I refused to believe my husband was dating her and promised to marry her anyway. She wanted to kill my one-month-old baby after my husband refused to marry her. Only God can deliver us from this evil world,” she stated.

After the investigation is completed, CP Owolabi said the suspects, Mmesoma Anyawere and Chinedu Nwankwo, who were arrested for child abuse, will be charged in court.





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