Are you a batch C NPOWER applicant? Are you looking for the NPOWER NASIMS Portal or instructions on how to use it to update your profile, take tests, and get successfully deployed? If that’s the case, this article is for you.


Many requests were received from NPower Batch C.. who were looking for information on how to reset their password, update their profile, and take their NPower test for deployment on the Npower batch NASIMS portal.

If you’re one of the NPower batch c applicants who’s having trouble, don’t worry; we’ve got all the answers right here.


Here are the 12 Common N-Power Batch C NASIMS Portal  Problems and Solutions  as provided by Npower Administrator and Ejes Gist Support Team.

Here  are some of  the questions people often asked at  N-power solution/support page

12 Common N-Power Batch C NASIMS Portal Problems and Solutions 

Problem one : It keeps showing “Fill size exceed 200kb”.

What should I do?

Solution: Kindly resize or compress your  documents. To compress document visit Or Click Here

Upload your image , it will automatically compress you document or images below 100kb

Problem Two : I’ve forgotten or don’t know what my NASIMS ID is.

What will I do ?

Solution: you should Login to your NASIMS dashboard and copy your N-power Registration number that starts with NPWR/2020/…See How to Get NASIMS ID for N-Power Batch C Test.

Problem three: I’ve successfully changed my password, and BVN validated as well. But, I can’t update my records because the submit button is not responding Or loading.

What you should do ?

Solution: make sure you have a strong and a reliable data connection, as you keep trying.

Problem Four: I did not received the link after it said successfully sent. What should I do?

Solution: you have to check  your email, the junk folder 📁 or Spam 🎁

Problem Five : It  it keeps saying a link has been sent to my email but I have checked, the  spam folder and Junk mail, But no such message.

Solution: you should be patient and keep checking your  email. The email ✉️ will surely deliver to your inbox or your spam box it might be as a result of network,   your patience is needed

Problem Six : I have sent an email to N-Power Support but replied with  an error delivery message , saying address not found. Please no link was sent to me.

Solution: ensure that you are sending the email to the correct email address. Here is the correct email address to send message to

Problem Seven: it keep showing my bvn cannot be validated

Solution: make sure that you are entering the corresponding details with that of your BVN used during previous registration. To get the accurate data or date of birth on your bvn visit your bank and they will print your BVN profile for you.

Problem eight : I am finding it very difficult write  the test, it keep saying “please update your details from the self service portal”. Ejes Gist kindly help.

Solution: The only solution is for you to Update your details on the NASIMS portal.

Problem Nine : I am trying  to reset my password but cannot proceed or continue.

Solution: you should use the most recent link sent to your email 📨

Problem Ten: When I clicked on the test link, it keep showing NASIMS ID, how can I get that?

Solution: The NASIMS ID is your N-Power Volunteers Network (NPVN) number assigned to you  after registration. See how to get NASIMS ID

Problem Eleven : I have applied for Npower last year ,b2020… Ejes Gist Is this  the selection process?

Solution: If you are among to who  applied for N-power last year, you are required to visit NASIMS portal and update your profile.

Problem Twelve  : The email sent to me is empty, showing blank with no content

Solution: keep checking your your email , your spam box and your junk folder the email will surely come

 Those who are unable to take the exam…… Please return to your test and keep in mind that when entering the N-Power details, e.g. (NPWR/2021/689300654t), do not end it with a dot (.) because it will always display error. So, please remove the dot and continue. Remove the dot if you’re copying and pasting, but you can use dot or anything else you want in your password. However, do not copy the dot when writing the NPWR/2020/08765.


For the N-power Batch C Test, how do you get your NASIMS ID?

How to Get NASIMS ID for N-Power Batch C Test 

Here are what to do, on  How to get your NASIMS ID for N-power Batch C Test

To write a Npower test, you’ll need a NASIMS ID, as previously mentioned. To obtain your NASIMS ID, follow the steps below:

Login to the NASIMS portal. If this is your first time using the portal, go to
To reset your password, go to “Forgot Password.”

Sign in with your new password and your email address after you’ve successfully restored your password.

To re-fill your personal details, including your passport, click the update information button.

Submit after you’ve filled in all of the relevant information.

Following submission, your NASIMS ID will appear as a pop-up message on your device’s screen.

Keep a copy of the ID because you’ll need it to take the N-power online exam.

How to recover a NASIMS ID that has been misplaced or forgotten
There is a way to restore your NASIMS ID if you misplaced it or forgot it. Follow the steps below to get started:

Go to your NASIMS dashboard and log in.
Since your N-power Registration Number (which begins with NPWR/2020/) is the same as your NASIMS ID, copy it down.

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