I can see crown be taken from those political looters of our economy and  great leader be restored.The Lord said ” I will restore all those wasted years, that the worms have eaten and I will restore you in thousand fold.I can see Delta State been restored I See good roads everywhere.I See Warri, Sapele and Koko Seaport been restored. I See Warri, Sapele, Ughelli, Ozoro, and other parts of the state glinting like a gold.

I See Education been restored, like as it was when I was in primary school. Textbooks shared to all pupils.I See companies begging for lands to establish their offices.I see jobs everywhere.I ask myself is this Delta State? a voice said yes. I ask “are you very sure this is Delta State? The voice said again ” yes, this is Delta State” I ask again “can this be Delta State, of which I belong? Angrily the voice said yes.

Fearfully I ask who is  behind all this? The voice said I have told you. The liberator is the one who did all this. The mandate was given to Him since 2003, but was stolen by human oppressor, the devil and his agents. Just as the way he inflicted Job with all kinds of disease.We only abandoned the liberator to see if he will abandon the Divine Mandates given to him by God to liberate Deltans from their slavery. Yet He was never  discouraged, He keeps on fighting to take the Divine Mandates given to him peaceful. Because of this great persistence, courage and steadfastness He possesses,

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we have  decided to install him as the Governor elect comes 2019  he added. Who is this Liberator that has been given this Divine mandate I asked. The voice said “OLOROGUN GREAT OVEJE OGBORU” is the man give this great divine mandate to liberate Delta State and Lead Deltans to the promise Land.Since the mandates has been given to OLOROGUN GREAT OVEJE OGBORU,

I call on all Deltans, both far and near, irrespective of their tribe, religion to Look unto OLOROGUN GREAT OVEJE OGBORU and work with Him in the total restoration of the State from its deplorable conditions.

Don-Mary Emmanuel
CEO Gistnaij Media 
A Blogger, Web Designer, Political Analyst and  Mediator
[email protected]

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